OGLE 2005-BLG-333: A short-duration peak anomaly?

OGLE 2005-BLG-333: A short-duration peak anomaly?

First posted on homepage: 29-Jun-2005
Moved to news archive: 6-Oct-2005

Following an announcement made by OGLE that the event OGLE 2005-BLG-333 was about to rise to a very high peak magnification, PLANET obtained data with the Canopus 1.0m near Hobart (Tasmania) showing that a peak at A_0 ∼ 60 occured around HJD=2453551.16 (29-Jun, 15:50 UT), which was reported in PLANET anomaly alert 2005 #5 (issued 29-Jun, 21:40 UT).

Rather than strong finite-source effects, these data indicate an anomalous deviation lasting a few hours that might be attributed to the presence of a low-mass planet surrounding the lens star. However, a definitive claim requires a check of our preliminary on-line reduction along with proper modelling.

A light curve showing the latest data is available.

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