Anomaly in OGLE 99-BLG-023

First posted: 16-Jun-1999
Updated: 16-Jun-1999

The PLANET collaboration has detected an anomaly in the on-going microlensing event OGLE-1999-BUL-23. Recent PLANET observations from Chile and South Africa indicate that this event brightened by apprximately 1.3 magnitudes in 7 hours on about JD 2451341.6, then apparently fell and has now risen again. The event is currently A~7.5. Future behaviour is uncertain and further observations are strongly encouraged. An anomaly alert was issued.

Event:                  OB-99-023
RA (J2000):         18:07:45.14
Dec (J2000):     -27:33:15.4

The baseline I magnitude reported by the OGLE team is 17.85.

PLANET continues to observe this event. Observations by others, both photometric and spectrographic, are encouraged. A postscript finding chart can be downloaded here.

Finding charts and future updated information can be found on the PLANET web site at

OGLE information on this event can be found at the OGLE alert web page at:

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